Writing Strategies

Generating Ideas: Exploring Territories

Family Traditions


Example of  an entry

I have a family ritual for when someone looses a tooth. The tooth gets deposited in the “tooth bank”. The bank got pretty full, it was kind of creepy.


Example of  an entry

I have a collection of used bandages. Most are stained with dried blood.


I have a collection of turtle figures. Whenever I travel, I try to find a turtle souvenir. Now, when family members g on trips sometimes they bring me back a turtle to add to the collection.

Special Places

Example of  an entry

When I was little I used to go into a wardrobe in the basement where my mother’s formal dresses were hung. I would sit in between the dresses against the soft fabric. It was cozy, but also a bit scary. The dresses looked like people in the dark.

Your Place in the Family

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I am the youngest child in my family. I feel like I’m always being dragged around to my older sister’s swimming practices and my brother’s music lessons.

Life Changes

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When I was little I used to take a bath with my brother and sister. One day, I decided I was too big for that and stopped.


When I was 12 my older sister went off to college. It was just me and my parents in the house after that. It felt really quiet around the house after that.

What Frightened you when you were Little

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As a four-year-old I lay in bed, desperately needing to go to the bathroom, but convinced that the moment I stepped out of bed two bony hands would reach out from beneath my bed and grab me by the ankles!