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Soprano Recorder


  • Soprano Recorder


    Our third graders are learning to play the soprano recorder in class. I have encouraged each student to purchase a soprano recorder to use at home, since the recorders we play in class need to stay in the classroom.

    When you practice playing your soprano recorder at home, always check to be sure your left hand is on top! This is very important! Also, remember this: PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT! ONLY PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

    The following link will take you to a wonderful interactive soprano recorder fingering chart. Once you have accessed it, simply place your cursor over the piano keys so that the note names will appear. We have been learning to play the notes G, A and B in class. (Be careful not to go to the notes G', A' and B', which are higher in pitch than the notes we are working on in class!) CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO ACCESS A WONDERFUL INTERACTIVE SOPRANO RECORDER FINGERING CHART!