Writing Strategies

Students learn the craft of writing through practice, conferring, and studying mentor examples with the ultimate goal of developing life-long writers. Students will have numerous opportunities to write every day. Students will write about what they are reading on a daily basis. They will also engage in writing units to hone in on narrative, informational, and persuasive writing skills. During the writing units, students will learn important writing skills or strategies that good writers use and then will have an opportunity to emulate the exemplary craft in their own writing. Students are encouraged to continually self-assess using mentor examples and rubrics and revise, revise, revise!

Writing Environment:

* Growth mindset and independence is encouraged and instilled

* Writers have a high degree of choice, within a framework

* Writers are encouraged to take risks and learn to hone in on their craft

* Direct instruction in various modes:  small group, whole group, and one-one

* Continual reference to strategies, mentor texts, and resources

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