Reading Strategies

5 Basic Principles of Reading Workshop 

Time - Students need time to investigate texts and read independently.

Choice - Students get to choose the books that they will read independently.

Response - Students frequently respond to what they are reading in their journals and through discussions.

Community - Each student is both a learner and teacher. We can learn from one-another how to become better readers.

Structure - It is important to understand the value of reading, responding, sharing, and listening to our peers. 

Image result for reading strategiesReading Nonfiction: Notice and Note Bookmarks (FREE) Based on the book Reading Nonfiction: Notice and Note Stances, Signposts, and Strategies by Beers and Probst, I created colorful bookmarks with the five signposts, signpost definition, text focus, and question on them. The bookmarks are one-sided, but are meant to be cut in half and then folded in half to create a front and back. result for notice and note signposts fiction