Homework Policy

Homework is recorded in your child’s agenda first thing in the morning. Students are responsible for packing up their homework at school and at home. There will typically be one Math worksheet, one Word Study assignment and 15 minutes of reading per night. 

Our homework will be posted daily under the homework page on our site. Should your child forget their agena, you can find their nightly assignment here.

Please make sure your child is completing their homework in a quiet space where they will not be disturbed. We will be keeping track of homework that is turned in/not turned in and will contact you if needed. 

*Homework is designed for practice to what we are learning during the day in class. If your child ever struggles with their homework, please contact us and we will review the following day in school! 

**Occasionally students will have Science, or Social Studies homework as well. This homework is through Miss. Trentacsoti and Mrs. Laureni, so reaching out to them regarding that homework is best!