TV Video Overview



The Television/Video Production Program began in 1998 when the Media Center was constructed and provides students with authentic experiences in filmmaking. In 2017 the studio was upgraded to latest tv/video production equipment. The students learn to operate HD 4K studio video cameras, character generator, input switchers, audio board, wireless microphones, and a lighting panel in a state of the art control room. Students also use props and a green screen in the adjoining studio to enhance their work. They have the opportunity to work with professional video cameras and computers for digital editing. Jobs are rotated so that each child learns to operate all of the equipment.

The Television/Video Production Program offers middle school students challenging and unique learning adventures. They also gain invaluable social, technical, and managerial skills in a dynamic environment that promotes freedom of thought and creativity. This first Trimester will be different than last year. This year I will be teaching in the classroom and will focusing on Public Speaking. My goal is get back to the studio as soon as it is safe for all of us.