Incoming 6th Grade World Language & Music Class Selection

Woodcliff Middle School

Course Selections for Incoming 6th Graders


Dear Students and Parents:


It is with excitement that we look toward the 2020-2021 school year.  As our planning continues, we ask that you and your child select:


1) Middle School World Language (Page 1)

2) Middle School Visual and Performing Arts Course (Page 2)

3) Visual and Performing Arts Interest Survey (Page 4)


Please complete both of these 2-sided documents and return this packet to your child’s Dorchester homeroom teacher by Wednesday, March 4.


  1. Middle School World Language Selection


Student Name: _____________________________________

(Please Print)


Select one option:


  • Spanish             


  • French


_____________________________________ ________________

          Parent Signature   Date


Please note that the language selected for 6th grade will be the same language that the student will be enrolled in for 7th and 8th grade.



  1. Visual and Performing Arts Selections


Currently, all middle school students enroll in a music-based class as well as an art class.  For the 2020-2021 school year, we have three options for music courses. These options include band (performance-based), chorus (performance-based), and music appreciation (non-performance-based).


Select one option:


  • Band - (Complete the Instrument Selection form on page 3)

This is a performance-based class for students who enjoy playing an instrument, learning the dynamics of music, and performing.  Students will enjoy the opportunity to perform in our school concerts, as well as being part of performances at other local venues to showcase their love of music learning and the arts.

  • Chorus

This is a performance-based class for students who enjoy singing and performing in a large ensemble. Students will learn a variety of singing techniques while performing exciting repertoire with their peers. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents by performing in school concerts, as well as visiting other local venues.

  • Music Appreciation

In Music Appreciation, you will have the opportunity to explore all the different parts of creating, listening to, and playing music. This includes learning how to use different types of music technology and understanding music theory. You will have the chance to create your own music, listen to your favorite artists and learn about new areas of music. 


_____________________________________       ________________

          Parent Signature           Date




Band - Instrument Selection - (Complete only if you have selected Band)


Current Members:  What instrument is the student currently playing?




Students who are currently in band may not change instruments from 5th to 6th grade without approval from Mr. Mantell ( or 201-930-5600 ext. 332)



New Members: List 2 instrument choices from the following:



Choices: flute, oboe, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, horn, trombone, or tuba. 

As a method to keep new band members on pace with learning an instrument, they will be asked to attend an extra practice one time per week.






Student Name: _____________________________________

(Please Print)


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Visual and Performing Arts - Interest Survey for all Students


Woodcliff Middle School continuously strives to strengthen and expand our Visual and Performing Arts program.  As we explore new options for our program, we are seeking input on the arts that you are most interested in. Please review the Visual and Performing Arts options listed below and rank them from 1-6, with “1” being your top choice and “6” being your last choice.  The purpose of this form is solely to gather feedback; these rankings will not impact your course selections.


____ Visual Art (i.e, “Art”)


____ Band


____ Chorus


____ Music Appreciation


____ Dance


____ Theatre