Transition to Pascack Hills High School

Eighth Grade Scheduling/Visitation Program to Pascack Hills  -


In October, the high school will send you orientation information and will hold an evening program for parents and students.  Tours of the school will be offerred.

In November, Pascack Hills High School supervisors of English, Social Studies, Math, Science, and World Language will present to 8th grade students the high school placement process in their respective disciplines.  Parents have access to this information on the high school website as well as information that was sent by the high school.

In January, the high school guidance department will visit the WCMS 8th graders to discuss the elective selection process. A second evening orientation program will be held. Tours of the school will be offerred.

Pacack Hills students will visit WCMS in May/June to answer questions and share information about their PHHS experience.

The honor's process is continually going through some revisions. It varies between the various disciplines.  Be sure to visit the high school website for updates.


For more information about the Pascack Hills honor's process and course offerings contact:

Pascack Hills High School