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My name is Susan Loeb.  I am your child’s middle school counselor and will be meeting with your child and getting to know him/her throughout the school year. I meet with all students individually and in groups. I am available as a resource for parents and guardians, as well as Woodcliff Middle School students and staff.
I can be reached at (201) 930-5600 ext. 303.  My email address is  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Don't be surprised when you call that I know who your child is.  I think that it's important that I do get to know your child! And please never apologize for calling me; I am here to help!
I urge you and the other adults at home to monitor your children's on-line presence.  My experience reminds me again and again that no child is immune to the temptation of what they believe is anonymity on social media apps and sites. The language, unkind statements and general content is likely to shock you. However, when these unfortunate situations are caught by parents and guardians at their inception, there's an opportunity for discussion, learning and small consequences before significant hurt and damage is experienced.  Middle school students fail to see the permanency of posts and pictures and the long-term consequences.  Here at WCMS, we will continue to remind your child of these concerns and reinforce the message and boundaries for appropriate on-line interactions you create at home.
Several programs that were recently provided by the PFA emphasized the dangers of too much time spent gaming and the anxiety generated by social media.  Please consider limiting your child's access to their devices.  I can't think of a good reason for a child to have access to a device at bedtime, alone and unsupervised in their room.  They need to power-down. 
Below, you will find a link to the Family Education website.  You may find this a good resource for useful articles, tips, and links to other relevant organizations.  Take a look on this website at "A Parents Guide to Truancy."  This is provided by the Bergen County Department of Human Services Division of Human Services.  It is contains exerpts from The Parents Guide to School Engagement, developed by Hamilton Fish Institute. For those parents who are starting to think about high school, another useful website is the Pascack Valley Regional District's site.  Here you will find the answers to many of your questions about the next step in your child's education.
Be sure to remain up-to-date on your child's progress through the parent portal on Power School. If you are unsure of your access information or the process, please contact me.  I'll be happy to assist you.  Additionally, remember that each teacher maintains a website that includes useful information.  Lastly, be sure to stay further informed through the Thursday Woodcliff Weekly information.

Susan Loeb