Interesting Links - ELA

The City of Ember - PDF Version of the novel

City of Ember

Is Lingustics A Science? ( An advanced Grammar article for parents and thinkers...)

My Life as a Forbidden Second Child in China 

"Plastic Paradise" - Documentary on plastics in the Pacific Ocean 

"Sailing Through A Plastic Ocean" 

"Breakfast" By John Steinbeck 

The Lightning Thief 

"Thank you, M'am" By Langston Hughes,%20Ma'am.pdf 

Synesthesia Artist 

Synesthesia Article and Test 


Child Labor 

American With Disabilities Act Info:

***NEW****   NASA's newest model of the known universe... but... is there more than one universe??? (Check out the link below!)

A Multiverse?  New Scientific Theory... Pretty Scary and Cool.

The Voyager Mission Video

Are you a right brained or left brained learner?

Find the green ball!  Turn up your speakers!

How does the State of NJ grade Explanatory Writing?

Read Roman Numerals

Persuasive and Informative Video on the Meat Industry