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Educational Websites

Check It Out!
Here are some great, fun, educational sites!


Destiny is the new site for the library in Woodcliff Lake.  On this site you can search for books by levels and topics, view class lists of books, and find research sources among many other great ideas and sources!

 This site lists several iPad/iTouch/iPhone apps to support Math in focus 

This completely FREE site is a great way to reinforce readings throughout the school year.  It has many required and recreational books to listen to as you read along!


Brainpop is a fun, interactive site where your guides, Tim and Moby, will explain different concepts, events, and ideas in all subject areas.  At the end of the short video there are follow multiple choice quizzes to reinforce key ideas learned.  But be careful this website is not free.


Math is Fun!

This game is one of my favorites!  Its goal is to help students develop number sense and build basic math fact fluency by adding surrounding numbers together on a tile board to match the number coming up next.
Another great reinforcing math website with games, puzzles, and lessons/practice that allows students to revisit concepts taught in math including multiplication, division, geometry, and basic facts.

Walk into US History

This is a site put together by the Library of Congress to help students journey back through time in the United States.  On this website students can discover the beginning of America through meeting amazing Americans, jumping back in time, hearing songs from the past, and much more.


Funbrain is a great website that enforces reading and math skills taught through games, arcades, web book, and comics.  Try the math arcade, it’s my favorite!




Scolastic Book Finder

This site is a great resource when you have a book and want to know if it is appropriate for your child to be reading based on their current independent reading level.  First, choose your level reading system which is Guided Reading, then simply enter your book title.  Remember levels aren’t everything, even if the book isn’t exactly your level use the five finger test to see if the book feels right!


A to Z Book Finder

This is another site on leveled books for readers.  On this site you can search a book to find its level or click on a level to find titles on your reading level.  Remember not every book is leveled so the five finger test is still a great tool also!
This website shows 51 pictures of the Titanic.  It begins with the ship leaving port and ends with artifacts. 
Practice your algebra skills on, easy, medium, hard, and  expert! 
Practice area and perimeter while designing a party to the specifications given. 
Practice finding the area of triangles while playing baseball.