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Crafting the Perfect Paragraph/Open Ended Response

There are many fun activities and privileges in fifth grade.  What was your favorite fifth grade event and why?

There were many fun activities to do in fifth grade, but my favorite was definitely Remembrance Day.  Remembrance Day is when parents take your pictures from kindergarten to fifth grade and put them together into a slide show with pictures.  It's funny because when you look at your pictures you think to yourself Wow I can't believe how tiny I was!  It's also a lot of fun because the kindergartners come and hand you a flower with a bookmark on it.  This is really cool because they are so small and it's fun to have them give you a flower for saying goodbye to elementary school and hello to middle school.  Remembrance Day will always be in my heart because whenever I go back to watch that video or look at my bookmark I will think of all the good times in fifth grade and how much fun I had this year.  As you can see, Remembrance Day was really important to me!