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Reader's Workshop

A book is a dream

                     that you hold

                                         in your hand"

                                                         -Neil Gaiman


5 Basic Principles of Reading Workshop:

1. Time - Students need time to both look through books and read independently

2. Choice - Students get to choose the books that they will read independently

3. Response - Students frequently respond to what they are reading in their journals and through discussions 

4. Community - Each student is both a learner and teacher; we can learn from one another how to become better readers. 

5. Structure - It is important to understand the value of silent reading, sharing, and listening to our peers

Routine of Reading Workshop 

Mini-Lesson - A short lesson that focuses on some aspect of literature or a reading strategy. 

* Independent Reading - Students independently read texts at their "just right" levels. As they read, they record their thinking on post-it notes and/or in their reading response journals. Students should actively apply the strategies that they learn through mini-lessons and conferences with the teacher. 

Conferencing - During independent reading time, the teacher engages in student conferences to focus on the successful implementation of reading strategies (one-on-one, guided reading groups, strategy groups). 

Sharing - Time where students share their journal entries or thinking and constructive feedback is given.