Grading Scale

5th Grade General Rubric

4 (95%) Mastery of the Grade Level Standard

3 (85%) Meets the Grade Level Standard

2 (75%) Progressing towards the Grade Level Standard

1 (65%) Minimal Progress towards the Grade Level Standard

0 (55%) No Evidence of Progress

Behavior Policy

The 5th grade students and teachers will be collaborating on a set of Rights and Responsibilities that will foster a successful school year.  Everyone will be expected to follow these behavioral expectations throughout the school year.  If you choose not to follow the 5th Grade Rights and Responsibilities, your behavior will result in the following consequences:

Violation 1 = A verbal or nonverbal warning

Violation 2 = Reflection Sheet with parent signature

If you accumulate 3 reflection sheets within a 3-month period, you will earn a Reflection Lunch with teachers and you will discuss your reflection with an administrator.