Reader's and Writer's Workshop

Reading Workshop

  • Routine structure: lesson, partner practice, 
  • Independent practice, closure
  • Strong emphasis on choice, “just right texts” are essential
  • Reading responses
  • Time spent practicing skills and strategies
  • Reader’s binder (virtual)- a space to explore thoughts and prove theories with text evidence and explanation *integral aspect of ELA 
  • Engaging read alouds provide modeling, thought-provoking and rich discussions, opportunity for character education, and cross-curricular integration 
  •  Homework (Google Classroom)


Writing Workshop

  • Routine structure: Lesson, independent practice, conferences, partner work/share
  • Narrative (Fiction & Realistic Fiction), Expository (Thematic Essay), Persuasive (Opinion-based Essay), Hybrid (Memoir)
  • High quality mentor texts used in each unit
  • Writer’s Notebook (virtual)-finding authentic reasons to write (Journal Writing)
  • Grammar/Vocabulary infused into each unit