Remote Expectations

Remote Expectations

  • In the event a student or class need to go remote at any point in time, the goal is to have instruction as usual.

  • Students will be expected to use the Google Classroom platform daily.

  • Students will mainly be receiving live instruction in the form of whole group, small group, and individual meetings.

  • Students will be expected to be on the computer during our sessions together. They may be participating in a lesson, doing independent work, or meeting with the teacher.

  • Please monitor that your child is logging on to classroom on-time, that your child is seated in a distraction-free & appropriate place, and that they complete their work each day. 

  • The material is designed for students to complete independently -- please resist the urge to complete the work together, as we want to see what your child is able to do independently. Check-ins and encouragement for additional effort is welcomed.