Full STEAM Ahead

As our students embark on their high school journeys...rather than asking them “What do you want to be when you grow up?” we’re going to ask, “What problems do you want to solve?”  Because they “have more power in [their] fingertips than generations before [them],” this course is going to provoke them to think critically about the world they are living in and how they can make it better.  Students will bring up real concerns and engage in formal debates.  After all of their schooling, it is a chance to reflect, formulate personal opinions, and then create a stance before entering the demands of high school. They will be expected to keep an open/growth-mindset as they listen to and learn from their peers.  With these lessons in mind, the students will be given the opportunity to investigate STEM careers to correct any misconceptions and get excited about their futures!


The following will be the pillars of our assignments and discussions.

*Skills & Strengths Inventory

*What are my choices?

*Career Exploration

*In the Field