Make a Change

Dear Parents/Guardians,


As we transition from a very trying year to a new one full of hope, it is important to reflect on what came to light.  Therefore throughout the second trimester, mainly upon students' requests, we will be diving into and taking a deeper look at stereotypes that they have become more aware of.  Rather than focusing on stereotypes within the STEM subjects, we will look at and discuss stereotypes that we all see around us.  While I remind them during class, please also remind your students that this can be a sensitive subject at times.  The administrative team and I feel that our students are mature enough to handle such conversations.  Last year, our students did a wonderful job with our lessons and have showed full interest and engagement, but this year, if your student (or you) ever have additional questions or concerns I am happy to discuss things further.  I hope the students find these lessons valuable as they gain a broader view of the world in which we live and perhaps even be the ones to start making a change.

Committing to diversity, equity and inclusion