Kicking the Stereotype

Since 2000, one of the goals of the United States is to have a prepared STEM workforce.  In an effort to find the balance between preparing students for the knowledge-intensive jobs in the STEM fields as well as to develop critical thinking, I believe that “...teachers and the tasks that they engage their students with are major contributors to the formation of individuals’ images of” STEM and “…more work needs to be done to promote positive images” of STEM.  This class will be a fun combination of activities and discoveries to promote such positive images of the subjects both individually and cumulatively.


Just like anything in life, your daily efforts and choices play a role in who you are.  You will take a critical look at social media, movies, TV, books (and more!) and how they impact stereotypes.  We will analyze what stereotypes already exist (and why) and synthesize new meanings to help combat them.


Course Objectives (includes, but is not limited to):

Become more aware of existing stereotypes (STEM in Pop Culture)

Make more informed decisions for our own actions

Keep an open mind 

Start to make a change!