Keep Up With 4-Balsano!

4-Balsano Classroom Update!

March/April 2020

This page is designed to keep everyone up to date with what we are currently working on in our classroom.  It will be updated as we move through our units of study and for any important classroom specific events.  Please feel free to stop back frequently to keep up with all the amazing work we are doing this school year!

Reading Workshop

In our next unit of Reading Workshop, students will be studying nonfiction. We will compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction tasks.  Students will explore text features such as: photographs, captions, diagrams, timelines, charts, graphs, indexes, glossaries and be able to explain how these text features are used to provide information to a reader.  We will discuss cause and effect, problem and solution, fact and opinion, and chronology.  Students will be able to craft written responses to articles, nonfiction books, and nonfiction videos.  In addition, students will be able to identify the main idea and supporting details of a nonfiction text. 

Writing Workshop

In our next unit of Writer's Workshop unit, we will plan, research, draft, revise, edit, and publish a nonfiction expert paper. Students will learn how to select a topic, ask and answer important questions, and learn the process needed to research a specific topic.  Student will understand how to select high quality sources of information, and sort that information into useful notes that can be used in their research paper.  Each student will become and expert on their topic. They will create a magazine that includes text features that supports their research.


In the beginning of our new math unit, students will master their basic division facts through 144. We will understand division story problems that include creating different arrays, using variables to solve for a missing number in a division equation, and finding the solution to real life division problems. Finally, students will learn multiple division strategies.  They will use these strategies to solve 2-by-1, 3-by-1, 4-by-1, and 2-by-2 digit division problems. 

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