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4-Balsano Classroom Update!

All students in 2020-2021 will be signed up in Google Classroom and will have specific assignments there!

November/December 2020

This page is designed to keep parents up to date with what we are currently working on in our classroom.  It will be updated as we move through our units of study and for any important classroom specific events.  Please feel free to stop back each month to keep up with all the amazing work we are doing this school year!  Parents are encouraged to also visit our Google Classroom through their child's Woodcliff Lake student account.

Reading Workshop

Our next unit is Literary Elements Analysis.  In this unit, we will be analyzing characters by making inferences about their character traits and personality, comparing and contrasting characters, and exploring how character's grow and change throughout a story.  We'll also analyze the tone and atmosphere of various settings, identify the plot structure of a story, and understand how an author uses conflict in a story. We'll discuss different points of view for telling a story, and explore common themes in writing.

Writing Workshop

Our next writing workshop unit will be a Literary Essay.  We'll use all of our skills from Reading Workshop to write, revise, edit, and publish a written piece that explores characters and theme in various texts.  Students will make a clear claim.  They will support their claims with detailed evidence directly from the text, utilizing paraphrasing and direct quotations.  Students will also use their inferencing skills to support their claims.  In addition, students will learn to "Deep Dive" a text, in order to collect evidence and make claims.


Our next math unit is Multiplication, Division and Area.  In this unit, students will be able to understand the difference between prime and composite numbers and identify the factors in a multiplication problem.  They will be able to complete multiplicative comparisons - ex: 2 times as many as 6.  They will also be able to find missing terms in multiplication, division and area problems.  Students will be able to multiply 2x1, 3x1, and 2x2 digit numbers using various strategies.  They will be able to use various strategies to divide numbers.  We will be able to apply the area formula to real world story problems.  Students will master their multiplication facts 0 through 12.