Classroom Expectations

Behavior Management System


The following Behavior Management Plan has been developed to provide a positive learning atmosphere within our fourth grade classroom at Dorchester Elementary School. Throughout the year, students can earn individual rewards by demonstrating certain positive behaviors in our classroom.  They can earn recognition for the following:

*On-Task – The students are staying on-task when working independently.

*Following Directions – The students are following the teacher’s instructions the first time they are given.

*Class Work – Classroom work is completed in a timely manner to the best ability of the student.

*Prepared/Organization – The students are ready to learn with all needed materials and organization is apparent (this includes notebooks and desks).

*Classroom Behavior – The students are behaving according to their individual classroom rules and expectations.

*School Rules – The students are behaving appropriately when not in the classroom (i.e. recess, specials, lunch room).

*Homework – The student’s homework is completed and turned in on time.

In addition to our individual behavior system, the students will have an opportunity to earn class rewards for their positive behavior.  Students will earn points as a class that will go towards various “surprise” rewards throughout the year. As you can see, there are many opportunities for the students to earn rewards for their positive and appropriate behavior.

Please look over our Behavior Management System and feel free to review the behavior management plan with your child.  Separate, at-home rewards and/or consequences are highly encouraged, for they promote collaborative behavior expectations between home and school.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out through email:

I look forward to a successful year!

Thank you,

Mr. Balsano