History in Sports


Many sports teams, professional or college, use nicknames of animals that inspire tenacity or ferociousness.  For example, Tigers, Hawks, Eagles, Bears, etc.  However, many other teams use their names to reflect historical or geographical references to the area that they represent.  This page will examine the connections between history and sports teams' names.  Let's have some fun!

The New England Patriots' name directly reflects the role that New Englanders played in the American Revolution.  The people of the New England states take tremendous pride in the fact that it was the citizens of that region that started the American Revolution!

The New England Patriots old logo (nicknamed Pat the Patriot) looks like a Continental soldier snapping a football.

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The Patriots current logo represents a sideview of a Continental soldier with his tri-sided hat.

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Also, the University of Massachusetts' nickname is the Minutemen.  Another direct reference to the Revolution starting in Massachusetts.


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