GRADE COMPUTATION - Students' grades will be computed on a total points system.    All of the trimester's homework, quiz, test and project grades will be added up to a total amount.   If the students accumulates 90% of that total, their grade will be in the "A" range.   If the student generates 80% of that total, their grade will be in the "B" range.   If the student scores 70% of that total, their grade will be in the "C" range, while a student scoring 60% of that total will score a "D."  

POWERSCHOOL - All grades will be compiled in power school.  I pride myself on how quickly I turn around tests/quizzes, so please be patient and respect the process.    I would appreciate no calls the day of the assessment looking for a score.  

WEBSITE CALENDARS/GOOGLE CLASSROOM - All of my homework assignments are distributed in google class, which then posts it on that class's google calendar located on my web page.   If nothing is posted, the student can always make sure there is no assignment by contacting someone in their class.  

PREPARED - I DON'T ALLOW STUDENTS TO GO TO THEIR LOCKERS DURING CLASS!  Please make sure notebooks, writing implements, folders, colored pencils, homework assignments and CHARGED computer are brought to class on a daily basis. 

ASSIGNMENTS - Throughout the course of each trimester, the students will be given a multitude of different assignments.   

  • HOMEWORK - Homework assignments vary in nature.   They can be a reading assignment, taking notes, providing a short written response or maybe even to draw a picture.   They are usually worth two points in nature.   Some can be worth more.  They are due usually the next class after they are assigned.   If not handed in on time, students can get half-credit for handing in late.  
  • QUIZZES - Students will take two kinds of quizzes - map quizzes and reading quizzes.    Reading quizzes are announced and questions are worth five points each.   The number of questions will vary.  All readings usually will be assigned as least one night before the quiz and will come from the tech book.   Map quizzes are given throughout the year and they will be unannounced.   In American history, the map quizzes will be states (1st trimester); key American cities (2nd trimester) and states/cities (3rd trimester).   In World History, the map quizzes will be Europe (1st trimester); Middle East (2nd trimester) and Asia (third trimester).
  • TESTS - There will be one or two unit exams per trimester.   Study guides will be provided at least a week in advance.   Test grades will count twice. 
  • PROJECTS - There is usually one project every trimester.  Most of the time, it is completed in school.  If a project is not handed in by the due date, the group will be reduced.  
  • MAKE-UPS -  I don't believe in make-ups.    No student will be allowed to take a quiz or test again due to poor performance.  
  • EXTRA HELP - Extra help is available after school.   This teacher does After-The-Bell throughout the year and has to leave the building by 2:45 on Tuesdays and Fridays.    Every other day, with some exceptions for appointments and family issues, extra help is available at 2:30.  Please stop by early in the morning on the way into the building and tell me you'll be stopping by after school to review.    

​​​​​​​ABSENCES - If a student is absent the day an assignment/project is due, the students is expected to hand in/show the teacher the next time the student is present.    If the student is absent the day a quiz/test is being given, the student will be expected to take quiz/test next class they are present.

If the student is absent, he/she is encouraged to check the website to stay on top of assignments.   If the student is absent the day a reading assignment is assigned, they will not be expected to take it upon their return.   Because a test is announced a week in advance, the same does not hold true.  

COMMUNICATION -  If a student has any concerns, they need to self-advocate and ask the teacher for clarification or help.

If a parent wants to discuss anything, please e-mail or call me.

I also will also reach out if there are issues that I would like to address, while at the same time, I will also initiate contact to "celebrate" student's successes.  

e-mail -

Phone - 201-930-5600 - extension 317