Parent Participation

Field Trips and Assembly Programs

Kindergarten participates in  one field trip each year, and requests that several parent chaperones for each class accompany the trip. To encourage a wide diversity of parent involvement, Class Parents may not volunteer as chaperones for field trips. In addition to our field trips, Kindergarteners participate in frequent assembly programs within school which are generously funded by the PFA. Programs may focus on a variety of topics from theatrical shows and musical performances, to science presentations and performances based on social studies issues.

Mystery Reader Program

Parents are encouraged to make a surprise visit to school to read a book to the class. Students love to see parents at school unexpectedly, and are highly motivated listeners during the reading of the story! Stories are scheduled periodically throughout the year, and a parent or guardian from each family is encouraged to make a mystery reader appearance at school if possible.

Family Customs and Traditions

In order to broaden our understanding of each other and foster an appreciation in the benefits of diversity within our community, families are invited to make a 20-30 minute appointment to come to school to share a special family tradition or custom that may be of interest to the Kindergarten students. Within our Social Studies curriculum, we study these topics and how each family is different, and yet similar in many ways.  Examples of holidays which are wonderful enrichment examples of family traditions that have been previously presented include but are not limited to:  


·        Yom Kippur,

·         Diwali,

·        Hanukkah,

·        Christmas,

·        Ramadan

·        Kwanzaa,

·        Easter,

·        Passover,

·        Chinese New Year

·        St. Patrick’s Day

·        Cinco de Mayo

 * If you would like to discuss and share a family tradition with the class, please call or email me.


Birthday & Class Parties

The Dorchester School Birthday Menu is located under Our Kindergarten Team, Additional Info. Please choose one special celebration from each category and return to me one week before the day you are celebrating your child's birthday. Please note: I give each child a class card and birthday crown in class. Therefore, you should choose other special options.

The class parties are celebrated with our two class mothers. These moms are chosen by the PFA.