Policies & Procedures



Woodcliff Middle School

Physical Education Department

Policies and Procedures:

 All students are expected to be prepared for class every day. Students must bring clothes that contain the schools colors (Blue/Gold).

  1. There is to be no jewelry of any kind worn during Physical Education classes.
  2. We recommend that you write your name on all your physical education clothes for identification by the Physical Education teacher. No other markings are allowed.
  3. Report to the locker room on time with your Physical Education clothes. No passes will be issued to hall lockers.
  4. You will be given four (4) minutes to dress for class.        
  5. Lockers and locks will be assigned to every student. If you forget your combination, see your teacher at the beginning or end of the day. Lock combinations will not be given at the start of class.                       
  6.  Each Master Lock is registered with the Physical Education department. Only these locks can be used.
  7. Conduct yourself in a mature fashion in the locker rooms. This means no shouting, throwing of objects, or any other unacceptable behavior.
  8. At the conclusion of your class, you are not to leave the gymnasium or field until you are dismissed by your teacher.
  9. Exit and return to the building via the appropriate doors. Your teacher will inform you of the proper route to take.   
  10. Do not clean your sneakers off in the hallway or locker rooms. Please remove any dirt or grass from your shoes outside of the building.                                                            
  11. Failure to follow the above prescribed polices and procedures may result in your elimination from certain activities.