Homework & Behavior Policies

Homework Policy

Homework Folder

  • The Homework Folder goes home and comes back to school each day.
  • When you get to school, remember to place your homework folder in your To-Go Bag and take it out at the end of the day.


Homework is expected to be done thoroughly & completely each night. It is important that you write down all of your homework everyday! 

If homework is not turned in on the due date, the Late Policy is as follows:

  • 1 day late = Missing homework will be recorded by the teacher. Student will receive a verbal reminder to make up the homework. Student is expected to make up the missed work that night. 

  • 2 days late = Homework slip will go home for parent signature. Student is expected to make up the missed work that night.

  • 3+ days late = Email to parents. Student is expected to make up the missed work that night. 

If homework is consistently turned in late, the teacher will schedule a parent meeting.


The following actions will result in a successful fifth grade year:

1. Pay attention & participate in class.

2. Do your homework and hand it in on time.

3. Study for tests and quizzes.

4. Always try your best!


 Behavior Policy

 The 5th grade students and teachers will be collaborating on a set of Rights and Responsibilities that will allow for a successful school year.  Students will be expected to follow these behavioral expectations throughout the school year.  If students choose not to follow the 5th Grade Rights and Responsibilities, their behavior will result in the following consequences:

   1.  Non-verbal stop sign warning

   2.  If behavior continues after the initial warning, students will fill out a reflection sheet that must be brought home and signed by a parent.

   3.  A parent email will follow if the reflection sheet is not returned the next day.  

   4.  If a pattern of behavior continues, further consequences and actions will be taken.