What families need to know

What Families Need to Know

  •  Registration and Health Forms: In order to attend the program, parents must present proof of residency (utility bill and deed) child's birth certificate and a current health form.  The nurse will review the innoculation records and physical information.  Please indicate whether or not your child has allergies or other medical conditions which may affect their school experiences.

  • Hours: The Woodcliff Lake Preschool meets Monday through Friday. The morning session runs from 8:45 - 11:15; the afternoon session runs from 11:45-2:15. Please refer to the district calendar for scheduled school closings and half days.

  • What to send with your child:  The preschool staff requests that you send in a backpack and a change of clothes in case of spills or accidents.  Because your child will play on the playground, we ask that you make sure your child wears sneakers or closed comfortable shoes that are safe for climbing and movement.  Dress your child appropriately for the weather.  Please label your child' s clothing particularly the outerwear.

  • Snack:  The students have daily snack time.  The staff requests that you send in a healthy snack or lunch if in the afternoon session.