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Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Britannica Online Encyclopedia

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What is it?

Britannica Online School Edition (school.eb.com) is an online version of Encyclopedia Britannica subscribed to by Dorchester School. Aside from encyclopedia articles, Britannica Online School Edition offers related materials including images, video clips, animations, manipulatives, and interactive lessons.

 How do I access the website?

When in school, students can access Britannica Online School Edition by going to Destiny's home page, the school media center website, or  http://school.eb.com/Access from home is possible with the same login students use in school.

How do I use it for research?

Brtiannice Online School Edition is organized into three levels for elementarymiddle, and high school. Users can search all levels at once or enter a specific level to begin research. Each level's homepage and encylcopedia articles are age-appropriate in design. There's even an interactive learning zone for PreK - 2 grades. Start a search by keyword or topic.

Encylopedia articles typically list additional content and materials, related images, mulitmedia if availalbe, citations, and curriculum standards. Students can switch levels while viewing an article, if needed. Sharing and storage options inlcude printing, emailing, and saving to the Workspace.

What will I find there?

Britannica Online School Edition is more than just a digital encyclopedia. Students will find  quick links to dictionaries, atlases, headline news, statistics, highlights in history, and important people.

New to the website is the ability to create timelines with the Britannica Timeline Maker tool. The new Media Collection gives students quick access to safe videos and images.

Teachers have access to Learning Materials that include study guides, interactive lessons, online activities, printable worksheets, and other exercises in all levels of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Is there a way for students to store, save, and track their research materials and progress? 

Sure. The Workspace feature is a way for students to create a personalized account to collect research materials. Students can save encyclopedia articles, images, videos and media, quotations, and timelines. A Workspace project can be accessed from school, home, or the library. Using the Britannica Online Workspace.

Britannica Online School Edition inlcudes a "read aloud" option, in-text vocabulary help, and a Spanish translator.

Please ask Mrs. Nowak for the username and password!