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music department



Modern Band gives students a chance to explore popular music genres and discover how modern music is produced. Students are given opportunities to explore genres that pique their own interest, and will even get the chance to work with musical instruments used in modern music such as guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. Additionally, students will get a glance at the inner workings of the music industry.




Take your singing from the shower... to the stage! This is a curricular ensemble that does not require an audition to join. Each grade-level chorus rehearses during the school day. Throughout the year, students will continuously develop their musicianship as they prepare exciting and meaningful repertoire. The chorus will have a total of two performances - one in the winter and one in the spring. 


Woodcliff Singers

Love to sing pop songs? Join The Woodcliff Singers, an audition-based acapella group! This extracurricular ensemble runs year-round and meets one a week after school for rehearsals. The Woodcliff Singers will have many performance opportunities, both in school and in the greater Woodcliff Lake community. This group will sing in the winter and spring concerts as well as visit The Bristol Assisted Living. 
Incoming 6th gr presentation


Music Appreciation
Music Appreciation is built around four "pillars" of knowledge, including: music history, music literacy, music technology, and musical elements. How do you define music? Why is music created and performed? How can we use music to change our world? These are some of the key questions that we consider and explore throughout this course. Start listening like a musician… start thinking about the role that music plays in your life!
History of Rock
Rock & Roll is a classic American art form that played a huge role in shaping American culture throughout the 20th century. In History of Rock, students will discover the people responsible for evolving this genre of music, the progression of this music from the 1940's to today, and the prominent artists who changed the face of music with their work. A virtual tour of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is included!



Musicals are spring events at WCMS. Students interested in participating audition during winter and begin rehearsals soon after. There are many opportunities for students to participate. Students can audition for a lead, a chorus part, or even in scenery & set design. All students interested should contact the musical director.

On occasion, WCMS holds fall plays. Fall plays are acting-based, without musical numbers. Auditions are held in the fall.