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Students at Woodcliff Middle School have a unique opportunity. Students from 6th through 8th grade will be exposed to a multitude of experiences through our elective program. Our electives, designed by our teaching staff, vary greatly but have one thing in common: our students love experiencing our unique electives.

21st Century Skills The focus of 21st Century Skills is to welcome students to middle school and prepare them for all that lies ahead, both at WCMS and beyond. The goal is to help students engage in and ultimately embody the 4Cs - Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration. To do so, students learn about and discuss the importance of being responsible and respectful digital citizens and how to use organization, time management, and proper etiquette as a means to do so. Technology is not THE future, but rather a tool to best prepare our students for THEIR future. Therefore lessons focus on the Google Suite (Email, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Jamboard, Calendar, etc.), Internet Safety (Digital Footprints, Cyberbullying, Oversharing, Safe Sites, Copyright/Fair Use, Password Protection), and more! Digital Footprint
Children's Literature           Students analyze what makes a good children's book, discussing story structure, and stories with morals or lessons. Then students get to work, designing their own picture book. The course includes printing the students' children's books and visiting Dorchester's kindergarten classes, to read the masterpieces. A 21st Century addition: A website cataloging all students' children's books w/ read-aloud links. Children's literature
Full STEAM Ahead As our students embark on their high school journey...rather than asking them “What do you want to be when you grow up?” we ask, “What problems do you want to solve?” Because “they have more power in their fingertips than generations before them,” this course provokes students to think critically about the world they are living in and how they can make it better. They are given the opportunity to explore four areas in particular: Skills/Strengths, Career Choices, Career Exploration, and In The Field. Students are expected to keep an open/growth mindset as they listen to and learn from their peers as well as those around them in their everyday lives. And with these lessons in mind, they will be given the opportunity to investigate STEM careers to get excited about their future! full steam ahead
Guidance Guidance is a trimester-long class that helps our sixth graders transition to WCMS, and our 7th graders address issues affecting them. This is a discussion-based class. A range of topics are covered, including a review of the student handbook and topics that impact young learners: drug awareness, social media, bullying, respect, goal setting and so much more! hands and hearts
Kicking the stereotype   In Kicking the Stereotype students discuss and address how their daily efforts and choices play a role in who they are. They also get to take a critical look at social media, movies, TV, books (and more!) and how each impacts particular stereotypes.  Upon students' requests, the course dives into taking a deeper look at stereotypes that they have become more aware of. Rather than focusing on stereotypes within the STEM subjects, this course looks at and discusses stereotypes that students observe around them. Students also analyze what stereotypes already exist (and why) and synthesize new meanings to help combat them.  kicking the stereotype
Next Step Prep Ready for High School? Let's check! Students begin by exploring who they are as learners, group-mates, and leaders. Next, they will explore "tells" and body language. What messages are you sending unintentionally? But what about the HS workload? This course will also explore in-depth research skills and proper citations. But that's not all! Knowing how to create your own graph requires specific skills in excel spreadsheet development. The finale? Let's create some goals for H.S. Research 101
Science Trends Science Trends challenges students' science and engineering skills with a variety of activities they need to problem-solve their way through.  
Seminar Seminar combines financial literacy and technology to navigate real-world scenarios that students will face as young adults. Students learn to navigate the tricky waters of managing a budget, living within their means, and the pros & cons of credit cards. Will they use a bank or a mattress to safeguard their money? Only time will tell! savings
Shark Tank Shark Tank promotes entrepreneurship. Students develop a unique product, prepare a market and SWOT analysis, and ultimately present their product to WCMS' own Sharks. Will they get a deal? Will they survive the tank? shark tank
Technology When creating good quality videos, the rule of thumb is to "make your audience laugh, cry, and think all at the same time. You will learn every aspect of digital editing using Imovie, from post-production to final copy. movie camera
TV/Video Students become part of the Woodcliff Middle School news team by investigating and broadcasting school and local events from the state-of-the-art TV studio. In addition, students will be creating videos for use in the school that celebrate WCMS events and history. If time allows, students will also be creating public service announcements. tv studio
World Cultures In World Cultures, students learn about language, customs, art, and music from around the globe! Whether we're drawing Chinese lanterns for the Lunar New Year, speaking French on Flipgrid, or doing our own version of the "twelve grapes" Spanish New Year's Eve tradition, engaging with the world in exciting and creative ways is what this class is all about. lanterns