Kindergarten Registration

Last Updated: 7/14/2022 12:40 PM




Registration for the 2022-23 Kindergarten class for Dorchester Elementary School is now open.  To be eligible for Kindergarten in September 2022, children must be five (5) years of age by October 1, 2022. 


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all registrations are being conducted by e-mail.  To register your child or if you have questions regarding school registration, please contact:

Mrs. Bonnie Carabetta


When registering, please provide:


1.  A completed registration form (copies also available in the office)

2.  Child’s original** birth certificate or passport (copies will be made and original returned)

3.  Required residency documentation

     a.  deed, lease, or residency affidavit

     b.  current utility bill

4.  Driver's license

5.  Current physical and immunization documents.  If your doctor does not have a form for annual physicals, you may provide them with the Universal Health form linked here.

6.  Complete the online Home Language Survey in English or Spanish. If you require the survey in another language, contact Mrs. Carabetta.  


**During COVID restrictions, originals are not required.




Constant Contact is a “green” communication tool used by the Woodcliff Lake School District for communicating to families on a regular basis.  This includes the Woodcliff Weekly mailing, Thursday Information for Parents and Students (TIPS), which provides information on events in the district.  In addition emergency or other important information is sent via this communication tool.  One e-mail that you provide will be registered on Constant Contact to receive these announcements ~ Category:  Incoming Kindergarten 2022-23 (NOT PreK).  A link is provided on the District Homepage and the Kindergarten Registration page if you would like to register multiple e-mail addresses.  If you are already registered, be sure to update your profile to add “Incoming Kindergarten 2022-23.”

Click here to register for Constant Contact