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On January 18th, 2021, the students from Woodcliff Middle School participated in a virtual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.

Students participated in four different activities facilitated by their teachers.

Opening movie MLK Day 2021
Period 1 Beloved Community
Period 2 Service through gratitude
Period 3 Write now
Period 4 Philanthropy and you

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On January 20th, 2020, the Woodcliff Middle School students will participate in our second Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. 

6th & 7th-grade students will have an opportunity to participate in three hands-on activities to give back to a variety of local organizations. Some activities are repeats from last year, like “Binky Patrol”, “Ryan’s cases for smiles” and Meals on Wheels “Blizzard Boxes”.  We will also have a few new activities, like Bird Houses for Bluebirds, Chickadees, and Wrens, Bumble bands to help the bumblebee population and Capes for sick children. 

8th-grade students will have the opportunity to pack a backpack for the homeless, supporting the Midnight Run organization, then will leave campus to visit retirement homes and local food pantries.   

We are VERY excited about working on these worthwhile activities which will change hundreds of people’s lives!  We are also very thankful to the PFA for supporting this event and making it all possible.

A few images from our amazing day:

    Capes bumble bands

    Binky Patrol   binky patrol 2 

    Binky patrol 3  Binky patrol4

    Ryans capes  bird house  

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On Tuesday, October 8th Woodcliff Middle School celebrate their 5th annual Character Education Day.

This year, the Woodcliff Middle School celebrated ”Day One2”. This day, inspired by our school-wide read of “Harbor Me" by Jacqueline Woodson, allowed students to once again embrace acceptance, empathy and diversity along-side their peers.

The student embarked on their journey with the help of our Keynote speaker Kevin Wanzergenerously provided by the WL PFA.

Students then attended four different sessions which were designed to explore acceptance, empathy and diversity. The activities were:

Walk in my shoes - Students discussed the book and composed a postcard to the author. 
The danger of a single story - Students watched a TED talk describing that one's perspective depends on one's experiences.
Who is YOUR hero? Students identified who their hero was, described their character traits and why they were their hero.
See through my eyes- Students contributed to a school-wide time capsule. 

Watch our opening video here

Images of our amazing day:


DayOne1  DayOne2  DayOne3

DayOne4  DayOne5

DayOne6  DayOne7  DayOne7

DayOne 9


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WCMS participated in the nationwide Day of Service. This was the first time the school had taken on something this involved, but the faculty felt that they wanted to teach every student that they could make a difference in the world, and that the best way to show them, was to have all the students perform activities that were hands-on. The teachers, who make up the character education committee, researched activities which were age appropriate and would impact the most recipients. Luckily, between the PFA, Wegman’s & Walmart, we were able to fund the dozen hands-on activities.

The middle school students participated in activities such as:

  • Making Blizzard Boxes* for Meals on Wheels

*Blizzard Box is an assortment of donated non-perishable food items packed into shoeboxes. The shoeboxes are delivered to the 220 recipients of our Home Delivered Meals Program in case normal food deliveries are halted due to weather related or other emergencies.*

  • Packing backpacks for Midnight Run
  • Making pillow cases for Ryan’s Case for Smiles
  • Making blankets for babies for The Binky Project
  • Knitting blankets for Strengthen our Sisters’ Women’s shelter
  • Making friendship bracelets for our friends in the Darfuri refugee camp

We were lucky enough to have representatives from Meals on Wheels and Midnight Run on hand, to speak to our students directly.

Students also had the opportunity to work with the Woodcliff Lake seniors by:

  • Documenting their lives through video
  • Helping with their technological needs, and
  • Teaching them what STEM is all about

8th grade students visited seniors in our local Senior Communities, participating in a multitude of activities, including the student and resident favorite: BINGO!

  • Many of our students chose to Give back to Dorchester. Our students worked with K-2 students on projects such as decorating placemats and cards for Meals on Wheels and collaborating on empathy-centered activities


Watch our: Opening Video

A few images taken by our MLK, Jr. Documentarians


On Friday,  October 5th Woodcliff Middle School celebrated their 4th annual Character Education Day. This year, the Woodcliff Middle School celebrated ”Day One”. This day was inspired by our school-wide read “I Will Always Write Back, How One Letter Changed Two Lives” by Catilin Alifirenka & Martin Ganda. The day  focused on empowering students to make a difference in the world. Students rotated through different activities including an interactive discussion of the book, letter writing to Our Darfuri Peers in a refugee camp, small group guest speakers, and other activities that provided students with a perspective of what life is like around the world. The day concluded with an all school assembly featuring Caitlin Aliferenka, one of the authors of I Will Always Write Back. Throughout the day, students were challenged  with the motto: "What will you do to make a world of difference?"

Watch our opening video: Day One

A few images from our first Day One:

   StudentsDay1  SpeakerDay1  

 JeopardyDay1  BookSigningDay1  TeachersDay1